More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: Can IFRS 10 help me consolidate my scattered feelings?

As a late summer treat and important public service, it’s time now for another round-up (the last one was here) of recent tweets that made mention of IFRS in one way or another, presented here in their original form, with all typos and oddities and occasional obscenities intact.

First of all, I thought by now I’d found all the competing organizations and causes for which IFRS also serves as an acronym, but in the course of compiling this I came across yet another one:

  • The Individual Funding Request (IFR) process is a route to accessing medicines outside a commissioning policy. The Northern Ireland government has consulted on their proposals for changes to this process.
  • The proposals for IFRs in Northern Ireland acknowledge some of the different reasons that clinicians apply to access treatment through this route, which is a welcome change. Acknowledging these distinctions means that the Department has been able to create a more flexible process that takes into consideration the reality of patients in Northern Ireland…

One tweet on the topic referred to a time when “you literally had people moving house or renting a room above a shop in an area where the local commissioners were more likely to accede to IFRs (Individual Financing Requests) for certain drugs.” This is obviously important stuff, but did it have to intrude on our beloved territory? Would it have hurt to relabel the process as (say) a Funding Request for Individuals process (FRIS) or a Personal Funding Request (PFRS) or just any other damn thing!

With that out of the way, here come the tweets:

  • Lol fuck bsa fuck this shit ifrs 10 you are the worst i still love you tho
  • We need to bring the sovereignty movement back to life so that Québec can escape the colonialism of IFRS and finally control its destiny.
  • First year testing royalties and revenue recognition using the new IFRS 15 and this stuff is a pain in the ass man. I hate it.
  • Made the mistake of swiping right on a finance guy and his opening line was “would you rather: GAAP or IFRS?”
  • I owe it to myself to finish reading this IFRS tonight. To not break this promise to myself.All my be lost but I cannot lose my focus & let personal things consume me.
  • What do you need to know, number nerd? BTW, start fiddling your lease accounting to get the maximum benefit in EBITDA for your bonus. It’s the next big scam in accouting. IFRS 16 is the gift that cannot stop giving.
  • IFRS 17? OH GOD, NO! Humanity barely survived the sickening carnage of IFRS 16.5.
  • Im really frustrated. I wanna create and produce films and do photog instead of living with IFRS. HAYSSSS. Choices in life are really vital. Tssssssss
  • If Trump was actually half as good of a President as he thought he would get rid of IFRS.
  • I need someone to explain IFRS 9 to me as though they’re talking to a six-year old. For free.
  • Here are my thoughts:
    This ifrs sucks – its tedious work!
    I NEED to lose weight ugh
    I think i am ready
  • Having worked as an auditor, the idea of auditing Chinese companies to IAS standards for IFRS compliance just seems… what’s the words I’m looking for… fucking insane.
  • I’m ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL that my job allows me to meet ‘BIG Guys& Girls’ in the game and actually tell them certain things aren’t according to the IFRS. you can’t get that being a clerk. Believe me.
  • then I asked u’re a statistician, what r u doing in audit? then he asked: do u know IFRS 9? LMAO me: Ohh financial instruments! him: we do market research abt impairment of assets. we: ohh Everybody looked at us coz we’re the only ones who understand each other
  • Since 2016 I’ve lost any sense of shock at person, subject pairs. If the Iron Sheik wrote a book about IFRS 9 I’d be intrigued but not surprised.
  • Can ifrs 10 help me consolidate my scattered feelings?
  • Ladies, if your man: – doesn’t respond to texts
    – doesn’t care about your snap streaks
    – is based on general principles
    – frequently uses fair value evaluations
    – depreciates assets over useful economic life….He’s not your man, he’s the IFRS standard of accounting
  • My manager just told me I must go to an IFRS 9 meeting at 10 with him. Do I even know the specific of the meeting? Nope. Also I am the youngest nigga in the meeting. Its all third years and up in the meeting. But seeing how this week has gone I know Imma kill it 🙂
  • When i think of the number of girls I’ve accounted for using IFRS 5 in 2018 … it’s sad lol..
  • bad news: test on friday: IFRS 9 with 160 pages. good news: not including appendix, so 56 pages na lang *(a bit happy) HAHAHAHAHAH WHY AM I HAPPY WITH 56 PAGES WHAT HAVE I BECOME!

(And this is me) so there it is. I hope they’re reading this in Quebec!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author (leaving aside everything that isn’t)

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