More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: I cannot keep suffering unending migraines!

It’s time now for another collection of recent tweets that made mention of IFRS in some form, presented here in their original form with all mysteries of spelling and taste and meaning intact. Let’s start with one from Africa, providing a moment of genuine cultural interest:

  • This is how one regional accountant wanted to use her British accent to intimidate me and my team leader during audit. There was a disagreement between us on a certain IFRS standard, she was talking off point but her accent made us to consult the IFRS again.

And let’s follow that with some conceptual stringency. One person who posted an article about how a house is less an asset than a “liability that will drain money out of you” was properly admonished by two separate contacts:

  • I hate to say, but your classification is wrong. Go read IFRS conceptual framework. House is an asset. Unless if you’re in a business of selling houses in that case it becomes inventory ( which btw is also an asset). Bond is a liability, your house becomes a security for tht bond
  • I think you need to visit IFRS conceptual framework. House is an asset bro. Whether you’re renting it out or not.

The following was in response to the question: Have you ever been dead broke but God still made a way for you?

  • I was once studying at the library. I got up for a few minutes came back and someone had stolen my book(IFRS standard) The next day I had a test and I was broke broke. In the morning I got paid for a promo I did 2 months ago. Bought my standard again, and still failed.

It would take a greater theologian than myself to fully explain the workings of God’s hand in that story. Or in this one:

  • Reading up on IFRS and my God in heaven knew what he was doing when he saved me from this accounting profession because what is all this

IFRS humour doesn’t get more minimalist than the following:

  • I have an IFRS 15 joke, but you won’t recognize it until next month

Or more standards-based than this:

  • She said our relationship is not a Going Concern. Those material uncertainties have been addressed now. She has however IFRS 3 ed with somebody else. They have two subsidiaries.

And now, a sensational round-up of the rest:

  • IFRS was the deciding factor for me to not practice accounting. I cannot keep suffering unending migraines
  • Hah. I’m going to start using “increditable” and “indebitable” for things that shouldn’t go in the income statements in accounts. I’m pretty increditulous and indebitulous about bits of IFRS already.
  • IFRS 9 is hard enough to understand, imagine adding Welsh accent into it
  • I honestly hope that one day I’ll have enough money to open a high end dealership and sell cars as my 9 – 5. This business of reading IFRS at this time is not it.
  • Sometimes I get overly excited with my highlighting in my IFRS books that I think I’m doing a version adult colouring in but not the enjoyable relaxing kind of colouring in
  • IFRS and the fair value option can kiss my ass
  • if i could think of my own superpower, i would make it one where i can read ifrs standards and be entertained while doing so
  • Dear IFRS experts , how do I account for impairment on my social life? #AccountingMess
  • i sacrificed my brain and body to my love for languages and all i got was this comprehensive mastery of IFRS
  • Why am I sitting in the library reading up on IFRS 9 Impairment general model getting all gassed because everything makes sense! It’s either the coffee or God is showing me how I’ll feel when I get this 1st.
  • I’m out here doing IFRS 15 and I’m only gonna read the stuff that I hope the examiners are gonna ask. I mean this shit is gonna chow my asss anyway if I try doing the whole chapter
  • -My Translation Process-
    Project offer/review: “All right. This doesn’t look bad.”
    Getting started: “Ah, crap. How’m I gonna pull this off?!”
    (Research intensifies)
    Review and submission: (Puts on green eyeshade) “Let me tell you all about IFRS…”
  • I want to thank IFRS 16 for forcing me to download something called “PwC’s Accounting podcast”. Every week a hit a new low.
  • Wish I could lease you my love but IFRS 16 is a mess
  • On the bright side, I had a fairly good 2019. Passed my IFRS exam, did my CFA exam and also bought a second car. But all the rejection mails for jobs broke my heart mehn. We move big in 2020 though!

(And this is me) Well, I hope you enjoyed all that as much as I did. I’m off now to exercise my superpower. Oh, and if you don’t know, I’m originally from Wales. (It’s true! And I never entirely lost the accent…)

The opinions expressed were not those of PwC’s Accounting podcast…

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