More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: you gotta love being an accountant

As a summer treat, here now is another selection of tweets that made mention of IFRS in one way or another, presented here in their original form, all typos and oddities and possible obscenities intact (the last edition was here). Over the years, I’ve cited more instances than I would ever have thought possible of “IFRS” used as an acronym (albeit in some cases with a lower case “s”) and the well isn’t dry yet. Feast your eyes on this:


If you doubt that “International Fleet Review” would ever be referred to in the plural, this was the accompanying narrative:

  • This photo is from India’s 1st ever International Fleet Review (IFR) held in Mumbai (15-20 Feb 2001). I was Eastern Fleet Commander & am seated extreme right (front row). 2 more IFRs were subsequently held in Vishakapatnam in 2006 & 2016.

So there you go. An employment ad from Missouri included the following:

  • The Intensive In-Home Services/Intensive Family Reunification Specialist (IIS/IFRS) is responsible for helping families in crisis and need intensive services in order to keep children in the home or for families needing to safely reunify children back into the home. The IIS/IFRS Specialist also conducts home visits and transports families as necessary….The IIS/IFRS Specialist will need to have experience providing in-home services to children and child’s families and to teach/model skills (e.g., parenting, emotional management, life skills, etc.) directly to families. This position must have strong time management and organizational skills to both share with families and use to meet all job expectations.

It might seem that if you could merge an accounting IFRS specialist with the kind of IFRS specialist described there, you’d end up with the perfect person! And then I found the following:

  • The INTERPOL Face Recognition System (IFRS) contains facial images received from more than 160 countries which makes it a unique global criminal database.
  • Coupled with an automated biometric software application, this system is capable of identifying or verifying a person by comparing and analysing patterns, shapes and proportions of their facial features and contours.

I pity the detective who one day blows a case by feeding a facial image into the wrong IFRS, receiving instead of a positive identification a puzzling memo on how the nose and ears should be accounted for separately as embedded derivatives. And as if that’s not enough, I also came across various references to “Revised PPP programs IFRs,” which turns out to refer to Interim Final Rules on the US’ Paycheck Program Loan system. So there you go!

I don’t think this one succeeded in getting Elon’s attention:

  • Dear Elon! We are studends from Moscow, Higher School of Economy, and we are making IFRS We have decided to choose Tesla company, because we really respect your company and how you lead business. That`s incredible. If you have some spare time, could you please help us?

Oh well, it was worth a try. And now, here’s some other stuff:

  • i don’t get professors in my school who write their own textbooks and write “dedicated to my wife” at the beginning for a book on IFRS standards ???
  • Fate : I own you CA Student: Yes, but this is reverse acquisition.
  • I can’t believe my mom said no when I was scouted for modelling. I could’ve been traveling but here I am reading IFRS
  • She was such a cute girl… then IFRS came and fucked shit up
  • Worked on a finance database project – had to find a solution with the scrum master which involved understanding IFRS 39. He poo poo’ed (on a call with LOTS of colleagues) my solution saying ‘I’m sure the accountants wouldn’t agree’ and i said ‘I’m a Chartered Accountant’ …
  • Time to party! While you enjoy a relaxing beverage thank the almighty you didn’t have to study ifrs
  • ManUtd is so desperate for a number 9, that they are willing to sign #IFRS9 from #IFRS
  • Tried to read the whole Kpmg’s insight to IFRS during the lockdown jokes on me i couldn’t make it halfway
  • Why does GAAP exist why cant everything be IFRS why do I have to learn two shits just cause American businessmen wanna be quirky and edgy I hate this
  • (X) and I spent 3 minutes laughing at an IFRS 9 conversation… you gotta love being an accountant
  • Who in God’s name aspires to be a bookkeeping reviewer. Nobody gives a fuck about the latest IFRS pronouncements except other accountants.
  • May you experience IFRS 15 all through this year, no IAS 36, your IAS 16 will know only Revaluation surplus, I declare your IAS38 will not know any impairment loss. You shall be entitled to IFRS 2 this year. And as all these abound please do not forget your IAS12
  • I’ve decided I’m going to rebrand this year: the new brand is… Sexy meets IFRS ft gym babe Thank you all for your support x

(And this is me) Well, that’s it for this time. The preceding was, as always, dedicated to my wife. Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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