More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: this IFRS applies to the Gate of Deeper Slumber

Even though you’d think I would have learned better by now, I continue to scroll through Twitter on a regular basis, looking for IFRS-related tweets of interest. It very seldom yields much, although on a couple of occasions I suddenly found myself staring at hardcore pornography – I guess the attached tinyURL just happened to contain the magic combination of letters (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). And then sometimes you have rather wonderful oddities like this tweet and accompanying photo:

IFRS station 4 Cookstown getting ready for the Cookstown Light Up Night parade tonight at 8:00pm! #innisfil


I like to think that to the good people of the Innisfil Fire Rescue Service, there’s no way IFRS could possibly mean anything other than them. Their ignorance would be, perhaps, a symbol of hope, confirming how the mundane subject matter of our lives may hold greater currency than we can ever imagine. If the Innisfil Fire Rescue Service doesn’t know of all the people out there musing about IFRS on a daily basis, then perhaps we’re all more broadly oblivious to the multiple contexts in which our lives may have greater meaning. Or maybe they do know about it and they basically think accounting is for dweebs.

There’s also a steady stream of apparent nonsense tweets, such as “The speculation clout ifrs: QzQOYvWUS” I suppose they’re generated by some automated program, but I don’t know what the point is given that in this particular case, for instance, the tweet provided nothing to click on (not that I’d be wise to actually click on it if it did, I suppose). “The speculation clout IFRS,” sounds like it might be at least halfway to meaning something though.

Anyway, as a special holiday treat, here are some other random real-life references to IFRS I found on Twitter, presented here in their original, unaltered form – typos, odd phrasing, and obscenities (and warning – there is some) and all:

Man, some dude said he’d never marry me after seeing my IFRS books because I wouldn’t know my place

100 words left then I can upload this piece of shit. The IFRS can suck itself.

My mom has a note on the fridge that says “IFRS is dead” but I thought she just put a note on the fridge saying “ISIS is dead”

running round town with ifrs on your back, my buns are RIPPED

I’ve lost track of my life been reading the same IFRS standard for three days it doesn’t want to finish I’m losing it

Note to self: quoting IFRS in an argument is uncool. Really uncool.

I mean i cant be reading IFRS 15 Whilst being stressed out bout why my girl so angry or not returning my calls

me as a accounting professor: Aight y’all gotta make a rap about y IFRS is better than US GAAP over the star spangled banner instrumental

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I cover my IFRS and my files in a rain jacket and I’ll allow myself to get wet

if you thought it was IFRS 10 that was going to give you a headache tonight, you were wrong

I think everyone is excited for #GameofThrones .Can only watch Tuesday after my test!Otherwise I’ll be worrying more about Daenerys than IFRS

JCole and IFRS 15 is possibly the weirdest combination

Was walking through the park today from school, some guys there were playing football reminded me how I traded my soccer boots for my IFRS

Guys being in the CA stream is actually dangerous, yesterday I almost sprained my wrist carrying my IFRS.

I can’t believe that the first thing I did when I opened my laptop was google “IFRS 16″…… what have i become

I can quote song lyrics like I’m reading them… But Companies act?? IFRS?? DOLOLO MEMORY OF THOSE

This IFRS applies to the Gate of Deeper Slumber.

No health care. Guns. Republicans… Better off in Canada. We use IFRS as well.

I was never the person to study on a Friday night until I crossed paths with IFRS

Dear God Please instill in me the knowledge of all the standards in IFRS.I will sleep & wake up to this truth because I trust you.Thank you

Sometimes, I tell people the F in IFRS stands for “Fun.” That’s typically when people stop listening.

Fuck you IFRS, this shit would be easier if I didn’t have to study the same shit twice because of 2 methods

*goes to IFRS website* Clicks contact us Type “Fuck your accounting standards”

(and this is me again) So there it is. Perhaps the sum total of all of that reveals some deeper truth about IFRS and even about our lives, as long as we are drunk enough to be able to detect what it is. See you next time, and I’m off now to click the contact us section of the IFRS website and leave an appropriate seasonal greeting…

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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