More IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: Leases make me want to peel my skin off

Let’s now enjoy another compilation of tweets that made mention of IFRS in one way or another, presented here in all their original unedited oddity and possible offensiveness (the last edition was here). I’ve mentioned before that Twitter searches on this topic continue to be, well, infected by bulletins on Covid-driven fatality rates, often quite combative, such as:
  • No my children won’t be vaccinating and I won’t be either, you can put that on record  but you are seriously patronising, do you know what the IFRs are?? I do I’ve read the papers on in, for a smart person you’re coming across as really dumb on the subject…..
I look forward to the day when we can wave all that goodbye and get back to what we came for. “IFRS” continues to be a popular acronym in other contexts too, such as:
  • Happy to share that I was given the opportunity to talk about my research at the online mini-symposium of the international fibrinogen research society (IFRS) last week. Looking forward to meeting everyone in real life next year!
On to the fun stuff. Someone stated: “A man that does not read On the first date, ask him what books he’s read in the last 6 months. Thank me later,” This received the response:
  • My man reads the IFRS, does that count as reading or should I leave him
In response to the question “What could you talk about for 30 mins with no preparation?” someone stated:
  • My parents God Compassion Financial modeling IFRS Investing LGBTQI+ rights
I’m not sure if those would be separate 30-minute monologues or an inter-connected stream of consciousness. In response to the challenge “Cutest names you can think of for a triplet, someone said:
  • IFRS ISA IAS … my children will have accounting related names
Do those names really roll off the tongue though? Someone asked: You walk into you partner’s room and the bed looks like this, what’s your next move? The response was: “I’m taking the ruler to go highlight and underline my IFRS standards.” Which I imagine might just be a stalling tactic. Talking of which, one standard in particular gets hit a lot by the ruler:
  • Things I hate in no particular order: — IFRS 15 — IFRS 16 — IFRS in general
  • IFRS 16. A staggeringly unglamorous accounting requirement. Even in the staggeringly unglamorous world of financial reporting.
  • IFRS 16 Leases standard is stealing the little joy I have in life. I normally enjoy financial accounting compared to my other classes but Leases make me want to peel my skin off. Anyways happy Wednesday
  • IFRS 16 can choke on a dick. who ever invented this standard I hope you meet your own depressing demise
I’m sure they’ll learn to love it eventually. Here’s a grim slice of life:
  • Audit is hell. I can still get along with accounting and taxes, but not audit. Had to work 80 hour weeks, work at the client’s office till 4am and again reach the place by 10am when India introduced Ind-AS (IFRS) in 2016 and no one at my firm had a clue how to go on about it.
And now, various others:
  • This is me being excited, the way I got excited after reading Financial Accounting Volume 1 in an afternoon during a power outage in college, or the first time I read IFRS and found them infinitely more interesting and open-ended than what the textbooks make them out to be.
  • Them: “why do you go to the gym?” Me : “so that I have the strength to carry my accounting IFRS standards when I walk into the exam”
  • Pastor: treasures we lay up on earth depreciates, treasures in heaven does not depreciate My IFRS brain: land does not depreciate
  • Aids ,corona , cyber peace, wto,global warming,globlization,treaties , sanction, who, intigration ,privacy,cooperations ,IFRS, we are over burden dear stakeholders of these tools. #CoronavirusIndia
  • Finance gets so ill with me for refusing to do shit like girl I did not create IFRS standards I just follow them.
  • Just accused my husband of being with me cos I know more about IFRS 3 than he does. ROMANCE
  • Sometimes you will see me deep in thought and assume that I’m heartbroken or hungry, but sometimes I’m just thinking about IFRS 9
  • Why the fuck are there two different accounting standards.. can’t we just adopt GAAP for everything and tell IFRS to fuck off
  • My dear, let me tell you about life as a movie. I am certain I am the only person on Earth and anywhere there are humans in space who can expense cigarettes, there are many who can still expense cigars, purchased with personal funds as a business expense under IFRS.
(And this is me) Well, that’s it for this time! Enjoy the spring, and I’m off to the gym. The opinions expressed were, I’m sure, those of IFRS lovers (other than those from the IFRS haters).

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