More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: rap it like Eminem!

It’s time now for another series of tweets that made mention of IFRS in one unconventional way or another, presented here in their original form, with all vulgarities and oddities intact (the last edition was here). Over the years, I’ve collected a surprising number of alternative uses for our beloved “IFRS” acronym, not including the ones I made up myself, and I was reminded of one of them by a string of tweets marking the death of Dr. Jose Mirasol de Mesa, a lay theologian and author, born in Manila in 1946, who died on April 15, 2021. Among much else:
  • He also taught at the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies [IFRS] Systematic Theology, Christology, Trinity and Theological English, and at the Inter-Congregational Theological Center [ICTC].
Although Dr. de Mesa may have passed on from this world, that sounds to me like a kind of immortality. Next, a tweeted question that on its own terms might seem purely whimsical:
  • Putting aside the fantasy elements that are the gemstones of the IFRS, where do you draw inspiration for your stories from? Are any of them based on real-life railway events?
The answer, as already covered here, is that IFRS stands in this case for the stop-motion animation “In-Furness Railway Series,” created by a Joe Malone (you can subscribe on YouTube here). IFRS, in this iteration, “is a privately owned line that operates in and around Barrow, in Britain. It is mostly steam powered with engines such as Stirling, Joseph, Falcon, Buck, Derek and many more, run by Mr Barry Thompson, along with his assistant, Rex Bailey.” I haven’t watched any of the episodes, but I’m confident that if any of the engines are leased, the right of use asset has been impeccably recognized. And now, leaving fantasy aside, the “Pakistan Strategic Forum” tweeted out the following:
  • JF-17 Thunder Block-2 with In-Flight Refueling System
  • Note: “First 50x Block-2s don’t have In-Flight Refueling System, only last batch 12x manufactured have such capability”. Total Block-2s Manufactured: 62
  • IFRS can be installed in any block of Thunder when required.
This apparently refers to “a lightweight, single-engine, fourth-generation multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation of China…(which) can be used for multiple roles, including interception, ground attack, anti-ship, and aerial reconnaissance.” Being a peace-loving type myself, I’m a bit disappointed that the IFRS acronym would be associated with any such activity, and if I were getting a block of Thunder for myself, I would certainly do without it. Next, a piece of pure mystery:
  • Perhaps the origin of the world came from the verb Ifrs: Ifrs To split on two a piece of wood. Ifrsi is a sharp small piece of wood.
My brief research failed to shed any more light on what that means. I’ve complained before about how any search for IFRS on Twitter nowadays drowns you in exchanges and bulletins about infection fatality rates. Still, once in a while it’s fun to suppose that these do in fact apply to our IFRS, such as:
  • The IFRs are scientifically established they’re not just back of a fag packet best guesses
I would love to hear someone passionately argue that, to the contrary, despite all the apparent evidence to the contrary, IFRS 16 was essentially just dashed out on the back of a fag packet. The following, if not 100% correct, surely isn’t 100% false either:
  • ”Goodwill is the accountant admitting he screwed up. You put it in because the balance sheet has to balance. In fact, I send these suggestions to the IFRS telling them to rename goodwill to an algebra, just call it X.” Tycka vad man vill, men rolig.
Asked about vehicle licence plates, someone commented “The most beautiful plate was the X5 with IFRS on the back. I need that level of “I conquered this.” And here’s a cute one:
  • The International Feline Revenue Service (IFRS) has found that you owe cat tax, time to pay up
It even came with a picture!
And now, some more:
  • To the thief that stole my IFRS books, I hope it’s helping you raise your standards.
  • My friend just found out about “phone book torture” and tested it out by hitting me with my IFRS As if this book hasn’t put me through so much already…(dammit it’s sore, but I can’t stop laughing idk why)
  • Godzilla vs Kong plot had me more confused than IFRS 9 and 15 put together
  • Teacher last week: next time you will have a test bcs no one is talking to me Teacher this week: i gave you a test why arent you talking to me? Bruh like what did u think it was going to happen? That we will rap like Eminem the entire IFRS if you give us a test?
Well, that’s it for this time. Enjoy the rest of the fall, and I’ll be back next time with another back-of-a-fag-packet article…

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