More of my adventures on Twitter, or: IFRS is really a framework that lives for drama!

Well, that’s it with the serious articles for this year. It’s time now for another selection of real-life tweets, identified by my large and tireless team of researchers, presented here in their original form, typos and peculiarities and obscenities intact (the last installment was here). I’ve written in the past about the seemingly endless pool of organizations and activities for which “IFRS” serves as an acronym, and courtesy of Twitter I recently found one of the best ones yet:

  • So, my recent IFRS episode got a copyright claim due to some music I used. The video is still up, so you can still watch it, but I’m just wondering if the claim still effects the video in some way, besides ads possibly appearing.
  • The reason I ask this is because the video doesn’t have as many views as I was expecting (currently over 500). I’m not one who gets concerned about how many views I get, but compared to my previous IFRS episodes, it is a little surprising.

I wondered how it was that I could be unaware of such popular and apparently well-produced financial reporting videos, until I realized that it stands in this case for the stop-motion animation “In-Furness Railway Series,” created by a Joe Malone (you can subscribe on YouTube here). IFRS, in this iteration, “is a privately owned line that operates in and around Barrow, in Britain. It is mostly steam powered with engines such as Stirling, Joseph, Falcon, Buck, Derek and many more, run by Mr Barry Thompson, along with his assistant, Rex Bailey.” What, no Hans? Anyway, beyond that, I’ll leave it for you to explore.

The following tweet speaks loudly to how IFRS-related greatness may go underappreciated even close to home:

  • I know my mum sits on the IFAC board, but it was only over the weekend she explained to me that she sat on the technical board that ratified the global accounting standards. .
    I was like the IAS’s and IFRS‘s, and she was so blase about it.

Maybe Mum should have spoken up earlier! And now the rest:

  • Now that I think about it, I had this dream that I went to write and I forgot my ifrs. the dream ended weirdly , I don’t remember
  • My teacher just snorted laughing because he mixed up the IRS and IFRS. #thisbemylifenow
  • me and my ifrs books are currently having a james blake listening session and we’re in HEAVEN
  • My bf’s take on talking dirty to me is whispering IFRS and IAS standards to me in my ears
  • IFRS gotta be my least favorite 4 letters.
  • IFRS is really a framework that lives for drama!
  • Almost ironed a shirt this morning… then remembered the only meeting I have is with #IFRS.
  • LOL why can’t the accounting profession be this cool? You’ll never see an ad looking for a “kick ass IFRS specialist”
  • I think I’m really stressed in my subconscious , because my nightmare last night was going to write Saturday tests without any of my IFRS/Tax Legislation . And I was freaked out
  • Great news, so the storm didn’t damage my IFRS standards or SAICA handbooks that much. I mean IFRS 15 might be a little tough to read, but we’re good.
  • IFRS 9, why are you so hard to internalize? Lord, I’ll redeem my daily supply of patience and wisdom po please.
  • Flagging IFRS standards actually equates to being in hell.
  • in the morning I’ll be saying oh, I had this weird nightmare where someone was going on at me about IFRS 9 at midnight, then I’ll realise it wasn’t a dream.
  • really irks me when a girl has “looking for intellectual conversations” in her bio but unmatch me the second I bring up “barriers to convergence of domestic (GAAP) and international (IFRS) accounting standards”
  • For any accountants out there, whoever drafted IFRS 15 and 16 must be pretty deranged people! #yearendaudit #wassimplerintheolddays
  • Today I figured out an IFRS accounting principle BY MY DAMN SELF WITH NO PRIOR TEACHING I am going to be an accountant bitch
  • Honestly fuck IFRS
    GAAP all the way baby
  • Just saw a guy with a “GAAP” license plate. Makes me wanna get “IFRS” and then race him.
  • Cramping so bad this morning but had this IFRS 9 deadline everyone was pushing me for –
    Regardless I got up headed home for 1.30hr nap, came back and smashed that muhfucker. Honoring myself did more for all than honoring the system. Happy #InternationalWomensDay
  • Knee deep into an IFRS 9 paper and simultaneously wondering if Zakariyah knows today is Monday and this is why we haven’t cuddled for five hours

(And this is me) Well, if that doesn’t leave you both informed and entertained, I don’t know what to do about it. I’m off now to talk dirty in someone’s ear…

Somewhere in there, an opinion or two may have been expressed by the author.

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