More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: don’t do it kids don’t do it

It’s time for another batch of real-life tweets devoted to IFRS, which I present here as an important public service in their original form – misspellings, obscenities (and there are some) and other oddities intact.

And unlike last time, I’ll leave Trump out of this.

Well, the process of scrolling through Twitter for IFRS-related material I might otherwise have overlooked doesn’t really get any more rewarding over time. One dubious exception: once in a while, it yields an IFRS-branded pornographic video clip or photo montage, usually appearing Middle Eastern in origin. Perhaps this is based on intensive psychological profiling or other investigation, showing that people who claim to search for IFRS material are in truth happier to encounter porn. Or maybe searching for almost any term on Twitter would yield much the same results. I’ll leave that research to someone else.

Moving as far as possible from that, who knew (I wouldn’t have, without Twitter) that the “History of IFRS,” depending on where you look, actually goes as follows:

  • The Institute of Formation and Religious Studies (IFRS) began in 1963 as Sisters Formation Institute (SFI). It was founded by the Association of Major Religious Superiors of Women in the Philippines…to provide for the need of young women religious for sound academic training and background in spirituality. The original formation plan was based on the Jesuit curriculum for seminarians of the Ateneo de Manila University. This program has been enriched through the years to equip young religious for their ministry, possessing through their studies a broader outlook, a spirit of service, a solid foundation for prayer, a greater spiritual maturity, and a deeper loyalty to community.

It concludes: “IFRS…has become a place where the dream and daily struggle to integrate faith and life is reflected on and experienced in the here and now.” And in this regard at least, it’s kind of like the IFRS we know and love in our here and now.

So we can feel good about that. The following tweets, however, may not as clearly add to your overall sense of well-being.

  • Can all 2016 matriculants with accounting distinctions run away from IFRS because that thing is the devil
  • High school graduates that haven’t registered yet, don’t be fooled by those IFRS books with colourful flags, it’s a trap! Humanities is ok
  • Accounting for impairment losses. Just another reason IFRS is a house of lies.
  • I’m eating my feelings and watching the #TheBachelorette because IFRS 15 and IAS 8 were disrespecting me during that exam.
  • The day i can review a set of AFS and not open IAS 19 when there’s employee benefit…..i will walk like a princess.
  • OK whoever is driving around Richmond with a CPA-branded vanity plate that read IFRS: you are a dork.
  • Also my ex is an accounting genius so I should probably get in touch. Damn IFRS
  • Well that interview went to shit. Toughest interview. Asking me the whole IFRS as if everything under my fingertips
  • Guys I’m trying to flag my IFRS bc ya know; That’s what accounting students do. I THINK IM FUCKING IT UP
  • I now remember my lecturer(who is white even) who said: IFRS doesn’t make sense. It is made by old white men. What sense can it make.
  • Whenever a question in Becker starts, “under IFRS” I mentally drop my odds of getting it right by 30-40%.
  • I promised to read at least 25 books this year. So far, I’ve only read 2. Unless you count IFRS, then I’m making so much progress.
  • Reaffirmed my belief that IFRS 15 is the longest Standard in the history of accounting. Page by page it probably spans the width of the US.
  • Lmao next week’s presentation can suck my big toe ‘choose an IAS/IFRS; if it was an animal what would it be’
  • If I have to look at this bloody IFRS pack one more time I’m jumping from the 11th floor
  • You know you’ve spent way too much time with IFRS this year when someone says something and you immediately ask for the Basis of conclusion
  • Melo drew all over my board notes thank God she didn’t draw in my IFRS books that would have been a catastrophe
  • Usher can literally sing anything to me…a food menu, ifrs standards anything and it would sound sexy
  • Don’t do it kids don’t do it. IFRS is the devil himself
  • Spending time studying IFRS is similar to my time spent learning to write cursive as a kid… kind of useless….
  • It’s taken me literally all day to tab up this damn IFRS book any will to live I had has well and truly gone

(And this is me again) I don’t think any summation of all that is necessary, or possible. That’s it for this time. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your will to live intact.

The opinions expressed (or some of them anyway) are solely those of the author

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