More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: Welcome Blessed Journey!

As a summer treat, it’s time now for another selection of recent tweets that made mention of IFRS in one form or another, presented here in their original form, typos and oddities and obscenities all intact (the last edition was here). In the past I’ve often pointed out examples of “IFRS” being used as an acronym for something else (or made them up myself). Here’s another one:

  • Quick work by @Innisfil_FIRE crews from station 2, 5 & 1 for a quick attack to prevent further damage to a home on Lakelands today. No injuries as no-one was home but unfortunately fire was not noticed until visible to neighbour’s. IFRS Also FP great investigative work

If you’re momentarily confused, as I was, by the swerve into praising accounting standards, note that IFRS is being used there to indicate the Town of Innisfil Fire & Rescue Service (for emergencies please call 9-1-1). Here’s another:

  • Congratulations to Deputy Black & Deputy MacDonald. I’m proud to present your badges today recognizing the great senior officer team we have. The future of IFRS is going to be great with your leadership “Too whom much is given, much is expected”

Even leaving the typo aside, I’m not sure how that last quote fits in – is the implication that since Black and MacDonald are now making the big bucks (at least by Innifil standards) they’d better not screw up? Regardless, it’s certainly applicable in our own context that those of us lucky enough to drink from the well of international accounting standards have an obligation to nourish the world…

A news story about a US accounting firm announcing that it would no longer stand behind a decade’s worth of Trump Organization financial statements prompted the following imaginative summary:

  • Impeached Former-guy’s Really Screwed

And then:

  • Welcome “Blessed Journey “ to the IFRS team. We claimed him out of the 3rd race ⁦@GulfstreamPark⁩ with ⁦@JFDAngelo⁩ . Good luck and thanks to all our Parters .

If that doesn’t seem to make sense, here’s Blessed Journey –

Because, you see, IFRS in this context stands for the “In Front Racing Stables” in New Jersey (“We invite the average fan into the exciting world of Thorobred Horse Ownership”!) The website specifies: “If you are getting involved with us to solely make money, you are getting involved for the wrong reason. The reason anyone should get involved is to have fun. If you make money, that will be a bonus.” Maybe more IFRS financial statements should carry a comparable warning. A later tweet from the same source announced: “Welcome “Majestic Tiger” to the IFRS family. He ran a game 3rd , beaten by a head .” Wait, wasn’t “Majestic Tiger” the nickname of former Chair Hans Hoogervorst?

Then there’s this:

  • Historical video of the first PFR of IN in 1953. Today (12 Feb 2022), the PFR at Vishakhapatnam, was the 12th edition – these included the IFRs at Mumbai (2001, in which I had participated as Eastern Fleet Commander) & Vishakapatnam (2016).

I think IFRs stands there for “International Fleet Review” (PFR is “Presidential Fleet Review”). Here’s a blast of 1953!

And I also came across the wondrous Twitter name “IFRS 32 = Non Existence,” although from what I could see, the individual doesn’t actually tweet about IFRS, perhaps having concluded that the name itself says it all.

The IFRS content of this next one is rather incidental, but it’s probably worth passing on regardless:

  • I’m a fairly tolerant chap but I so hate the word ‘granular’. ‘At a more granular level’ – whyyyyyyy does this exist – when we just mean ‘more detailed’. The word is everywhere. It’s the salted caramel of business lingo. Back to IFRS 16.

And now, some questions to grapple with:

  • what the fuck is a gaap??? what the fuck is an ifrs?????? bitch ill k word you !!! none of these words are in the bible wtf!!!!!!!!!!

(that was one of a series of tweets which also included: “money isn’t even real!!! it’s just fake value imposed on pieces of paper!!!!! None of this matters!!!!!!!!!! We’re all gonna die eventually !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

And a few random others:

  • during an interview for an accounting position, “I know it all and my former boss used to call me a shifting spanner and could fit any purpose”. As one of the panelists I became very eager to test his knowledge only to find that he didn’t know what IFRS are!!!
  • Lol. I should be reading a IFRS but I’m gonna go read up on heteronormativity in queer relationships
  • 5 topics I can talk about for 30 minutes without any preparation: 1. Taylor Sheridan’s body of work 2. Restaurant business 3. JFK conspiracy theories 4. Shawshank Redemption 5. Transitioning from Canadian GAAP to IFRS I know no5 makes me a rockstar. Please restrain yourself!

Well, there it is. Have fun until next time. I’m off to rewatch The Shawshank Redemption!

The opinions expressed reflect the wondrous universe of IFRS in all its forms!

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