More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: Bran Stark is a liability!

As an important public service, and before getting back to the serious stuff, it’s time now for one more selection of recent tweets that made mention of IFRS in one way or another (the last one was here), presented here as always in their original form, whatever that may yield in terms of spelling, profanity or general peculiarity.

I don’t reveal much personal information on this blog, but here’s one item for you – I don’t drive. If I did though, you can bet I’d be providing this kind of rear view.


Of course, in the driver’s mind, the acronym may indicate something else altogether.

It’s common to remark that the film industry spends too much time giving itself awards – well, this may be the apex of that:

  • #PwC and Casual Films’ #IFRS 17 video has won a global silver award at the New York Festivals ceremony for production and art direction.

Which is more than Jacques Rivette ever won at the Oscars. Someone posted the joke: How do accountants stay thin? To which the answer was…

  • LIFOsuction

Better than the joke itself was the postscript provided by someone else:

  • Explains why I’m so fat since LIFO isn’t allowed in IFRS countries.

I mentioned before that my old post on accounting for girlfriends continues to get more traffic than most of them, and that’s never changed. Someone else waded into this territory by asking:

  • Vati a girlfriend is a Liability and a Wife is an Asset
  • Guys do you agree?

To which someone sagely responded:

  • Wife does not meet the recognition criteria of an asset according to IFRS. They’re both liabilities!

Sadly, no basis for conclusions or illustrative examples were provided. The writers of the following tweets were seemingly in a more romantic mood:

  • she can only be classify according to IFRS 6.24.19 according to the new ICAN syllabus .gbemisola  may your birthday be filled with the warmth of sunshine, May you continue to increase in value , may your joy always be revalued upward, may your reserves never go zero.i would have
  • I thought of IFRS 5 but according to prince MASS, none of them are available(she can never be disposed nor be discontinued), I ran to IFRS9 (financial instrument) they are embedded risk factor, what of investment property(IAS40)???hyper inflationary economy might affect the value

Moving in a more transactional direction, there’s a steady stream of this kind of thing:

  • sex date app us ifrs adoption date free dating sites Russia
  • ifrs 15 effective date york dating sites swinger sex dating
  • ifrs 16 effective date new xbox one release date and price free dating site in Thailand

I didn’t click on the links (I swear!) but I suppose the premise is that if someone’s sufficiently unfulfilled to be looking through Twitter for IFRS material, they might be easily diverted into something more exciting. But if you ask me, the really successful sex swingers all memorized the effective date of IFRS 15 years ago.

I’ll tell you one other piece of personal information – I never watched Game of Thrones, and consequently did not get this reference until I looked it up:

  • Just overheard while grabbing coffee…
    “Fuck man, Bran Stark is a liability”

I suppose I assumed the speaker was referring to a colleague or something (well, it could have been…). The sentiment was endorsed as follows:

  • Can see where you’re coming from according to IFRS… but let’s save this for another day.

A few more for you:

  • If I hear IFRS 9, Fair value, ECL or “we are demoting a pack” ONE MORE TIME. I’m buying a handbag.. really I CANT DEAL! My sanity is at stake
  • this is not the first time i cry into IFRS Handbooks because no matter what happens, i have to finish this shit
  • I’m sleeping with my IFRS I’m never alone   I find IFRS 9 sexy
  • My birthday is coming Last few days of being a teen. Ps. I am hoping to receive any book related to accountancy. IAS and IFRS would be nice

Here’s a memoir of what was surely one of the best parties of all time:

  • The first time I drank alcohol in my life was Hons year at Coobah in Bloem. I had a flaming Lamborghini and ended up reciting the whole IFRS from start to finish. My friends were calling out ISA numbers and I would respond with the name and objective of the standard.

If you compare against this one –

  • Everytime i drink coffee..after 1 hour or so I tend to think that i can memorize the whole IFRS mxm wishful thinking

…then the lesson seems to be that a flaming Lamborghini stimulates the IFRS-related memory cells better than coffee does. Of course, I’m not basing that conclusion on a very large sample size. Speaking for myself, I don’t need any kind of stimulation to recite the whole IFRS from start to finish.

Well, that’s it for this time. I’m off to click on some links!

The opinions expressed are only occasionally those of the author, certainly not including any specific endorsements of flaming Lamborghinis…




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