More of my IFRS adventures on Twitter, or: where there’s a will, there’s an IFRS!

It’s time now for another selection of tweets that made mention of IFRS in some form, presented here in their original form, all typos and oddities and possible obscenities intact. I’ve been providing these compilations periodically for years, based on my regular scanning of Twitter for useful information, and to be honest it’s never been a particularly strong source of such information, generating only a trickle of items which one wouldn’t otherwise have obtained from elsewhere. Twitter is now the focus of heightened interest, given Elon Musk’s clowning, and I don’t think it would be a big loss if he runs it into the ground, but let me point you to my earlier comments on Musk, which I wouldn’t back away from at all. Musk’s awfulness and toxicity are at this point so multi-faceted that we might differ on which bits of it are the worst, but I’ll emphasize further his increasingly explicit Republicanism, including an early endorsement of Ron DeSantis for President. Whatever frail environmental contribution the average Tesla might make (and as I noted before, it’s plain that many of them don’t make any) is far outweighed by the potently regressive agenda that Musk would have us sign on to. There’s no path to sustainability that runs even tangentially through such an individual. All right then, let’s resume the regular service by going back to one of our long-standing favourite topics, instances of other uses of “IFRS” or “IFRs” as an acronym. Someone posted the following:
  • That funky Taiwanese P-3 is back on Barbados. And he IFRs (I Follow Roads).

It was accompanied by this picture:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

I have no idea what any of that means, but the individual in question identifies himself as “Used to do some Ammo Logistics stuff for the Government. We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. I know a guy who knows a guy.” So maybe we stumbled on something big…

Here’s yet another acronym, posted by “Acupuncture: Evidence and Practice”:

  • Systematic review Evid Based Complement Alternate Med (IF 2.6) Dysphagia after #Stroke. Efficacy of #acupuncture on standardized swallowing assessment (SSA) Ichiro Fujishima rating scale (IFRS) and videofluoroscopy. 35 RCTs and 3024 patients.

We might note that some sources follow the alternative Asian naming convention, referring to instead as the Fujishima Ichiro rating scale (FIRS). Anyway, good news, the “review indicated that acupuncture could be an effective therapy for treating dysphagia after stroke although stricter evaluation standards and rigorously designed RCTs are needed.” In other news, the ISSB standards might turn out well!

This one may not be graspable in its entirety, but one can perhaps glean a general point:
  • 28-year-old feminists, be dragging a 40yr-old man coz he chose 2 marry a 20-year-old, for obvious reasons. When these guys been asking you out, muchiri kupisa u postulated unaffordable materialistic standards #IFRS & nw the only thing u attract are Pensioners. Bvumai kusakara.
And now, a motley collection of others:
  • Ifrs 16 is a laughing stock. The guys who drove it should sit in jail. They basically stole billions in time and effort for nothing. Ifrs 16 is maybe useful for 1% of businesses.
  • Who ever came up with IFRS 16 is pure evil and you ruined my life.
  • I won’t live in an authoritarian oligarchy. I got my certificate in international financial reporting systems (IFRS) in 2017 to make sure of this. Accountants get immigration preference in nearly every country if they can find a job, so I made sure I could be employed.
  • IFRS disclosures, then tummy bug, all seasoned with PMS and there went my sleep. For someone who functions on min 6hrs of sleep I am def billed for a long day.
  • I deserve to be giving head rubs to a head resting on my chest, but alas. IFRS it is
  • Where there’s a will, there’s an IFRS
  • Financial reporting enter my head oh God sprit of IFRS/IAS locate me where ever you are
  • My brother is taking his first accounting class and I told him IFRS is communist propaganda.
  • Anyway I’m such a nerd, IFRS makes me happy. I just don’t have a lot of time to read a lot. But it’s like my heart pumps strawberries if I get to talk about it
  • my IFRS knowledge is impressive but will literally blank out at Hall 29 in a few hours today yoh ha.a
To close here’s a screen shot from Secret defense, by one of my favourite directors, Jacques Rivette: This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2825-1.jpg He doesn’t explicitly agree or disagree with her comment, but not long after that, the two become lovers, so she can’t have turned him off completely. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t ultimately yield a happy ending, so I don’t know what to tell you… Well, that’s it for this time. Happy new year once again, and may your heart pump strawberries all through 2023! The opinions expressed were, here and there, those of the author.

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